So you're ready to get started uploading data to Auto Insights? Great! Before doing so, read through this checklist to make sure your data meets our recommendations and requirements. 

Auto Insights connects to databases, and you can also upload flat files. The requirements and recommendations in the checklist below are applicable to both data upload methods.


  • Time series data

  • There are no numbers or special characters in column names

  • No duplicate column names

  • At least one date field (formatted yyyy-mm-dd)

  • At least one measure field with special characters (e.g. currency indicators) removed

  • At least one segment

  • Free text or unstructured data columns removed

  • Column names are included as the first row of data

  • No more than seven words in a column name


  • Dataset spans at least 24 months

  • At least 5 segments

The recommendations are just our suggestions - you will still be able to use Auto Insights successfully if your data doesn't have these attributes!

We've outlined below a few of our tips and tricks that you can use to take your data from good to great.

While the examples are shown in a .csv file, these tricks also apply if you are connecting Auto Insights to your database.

Tips and tricks

1. How to quickly re-format a date

2. Sometimes data looks Auto Insights ready but isn't. This dataset has a few problems, which are easily fixed: 

With these few quick changes, you can get insights from this data in Auto Insights in minutes. 

Now, your data is Auto Insights ready!

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