This article is developed for technical teams to understand the requirements for deploying Alteryx Auto Insights to a VPC environment.

Virtual Machine (VM) requirement

For deployment on client VPC, a dedicated Virtual Machine (VM) is required to host Auto Insights. All components of Auto Insights are deployed to this VM, with the following requirements:

Hardware Requirements

  • 16 CPU cores

  • 128 GB RAM

  • 500 GB (100GB minimum) data disk

Operating System

  • Ubuntu 18.04 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7


Below accesses to the Auto Insights VM are required:

  1. SSH with sudo access level for deployment, ongoing troubleshooting and maintenance

  2. HTTP/HTTPS for accessing Auto Insights (Google Chrome preferred - Chrome compatibility: Version 60 and above )

Cloud providers

  • In AWS, we recommend an r4.4xlarge instance or above.

  • In Microsoft Azure, we recommend a Standard H16 instance or above.

Software requirements

Below software is required to be installed as pre-requisites for Auto Insights installation:

OS software

  • Docker 20.10

  • docker-compose 1.22.0

  • ansible 2.11

  • git client

  • python 3.6.9

  • python-pip

  • yum-utils (Redhat base) or apt (Debian/Ubuntu base)

  • device-mapper-persistent-data

  • lvm2

  • bzip2

  • tar

Python 'pip' packages:

  • jinja2

Docker hub images:

  • alpine:latest

  • mysql:5.7

Network requirements:

Domain name

  • A human-readable domain name within a domain familiar to your end users (e.g.

  • Trusted SSL Certificate for the nominated domain.

The domain name should point to the Auto Insights VM.

Firewall and whitelist

Inbound - All inbound access to the Auto Insights VM is via the following

  1. HTTP/HTTPS ports (80/443)

  2. SSH port (22)

Outbound - For maximum effectiveness, Auto Insights connects to additional resources on your VPC and the public internet at runtime:

Front end runtime - from end-user workstations:

  • https://*

Back end runtime - from the Auto Insights VM:

Email Server

Access to the client's mail servers (smtp + imap) is required for email functionalities such as inviting users, resetting passwords and automated insights delivered through email.

A dedicated email account should be created for Auto Insights.


Access to internal databases/warehouses is required for automatic data refresh. The Auto Insights VM needs to be whitelisted for the database. The following database information will be needed to set up a database connection in Auto Insights:

  • Database type

  • Database server name / URL / IP

  • Port

  • Database schema name

  • Username & password with read-access

  • Names of the table(s) or view(s) or SQL script

For a full list of supported databases, please refer to this list.

Network requirements during deployment

Auto Insights require ongoing access to a few internet resources in order to install dependencies, deploy components and provide regular updates. The following resources are required to be whitelisted for Auto Insight VM to have access to:

In the event that the above whitelisting can not be facilitated, a proxy-based approach could also be supported.

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